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Crystal Ball

This song is by Skid Row.

(Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore)
I'm building myself a crystal ball,
Where I can go to find it all.
Surrounded by glass forever I'll be.
Out of reach of her and me.
I'll have no lifeline with the world.
For it's worth nothing without that girl
Who lives inside my used-to-be.
She would be here if it were not for me.
I created a vegetable who could not speak.
I left her and she became weak.
Slipped out of her body
So she could peak into my crystal ball.
If you could see through the crystal glass,
You'd realize why love pass.
This obsolete and not to be.
She is from the past, perhaps now you see.
I'm pulling a blind across my mind.
I'm not out of days, merely far behind.
Looking for her as she once had been,
Till the day she woke up and looked into my crystal ball.
My crystal ball, my crystal ball.
My crystal ball, my crystal ball.
My crystal ball.


Written by:

Alecia B Moore; Billy Mann

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