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Draining The Wizard

This song is by Ski Mask Sacrifice.

One time Dave Mustaine was in Metallica
Then people remembered JFK got shot
An LSDer just gave me my first orgasm
Afterwards I went out back and
Buried her corpse under the carnations
Franz Ferdinand was actually in love
Then Gunter pulled more pins out of her breasts
While the bearded jeans have one hell of a perm
This child sits in the sun without a fire hydrant
Spewing liquid squirrel gall bladders for refreshments
It's better than a sack full of elephants in a gator cage
Use the spatula to scoop up your prom date
Once the greyhound is thrown in reverse
Mary's little dog was covered in execution blood
Then a Xenopsylla cheopis jumped onto your leg
Giving you the lumps of a lifetime

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