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Last Night

This song is by Skatos.

I just went to a party Last Night
My girlfriend and me were in a big fight
We wound up going to the same place
The moment I saw her I got a slap in the face

I want you to get out of my face
You're always yelling and plus I want to have a little space

The she walked straight out the door
I yelled words like "I hate you, you fat WHORE!"
That's when I saw her by the phone
So beautiful and so all alone

I want you to get me out of this
Go ahead, help me feel so good, help me get a little space

I said "Hello, Hey there, What's your sign?
Can I have your number? 'Cause I lost mine.?
She said "Hey you know? You're pretty good.
Do you wanna make out?" I said "I think we should."

Now I feel much better than before
You have made my life less of a chore
I need you to kiss me one more time
Between our bodies, there should be very little space.

I just went to a party Last Night

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