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Slut Named Rachel

This song is by Skasmopolitan and appears on the album They're Only Shoes (2000).

There's this girl I know from school I wonder why she thinks she's cool
Cause everybody knows she's just that Slut Named Rachel
And all the boys just sit and stare they wanna watch her twirl her hair
They don't wanna share they want that Slut Named Rachel

She's a slut, she's debonaire,
Take it anytime take it anywhere
Yea, she likes you too
But don't beliveve it cause your nothing new

She don't care just what she's saying
She don't care just who she's playing
She only wants to be with you now
She said I don't wanna know your name
It doesn't matter anyway
I just wanna play my game
I can't get away

She's a slut, with painted hair
She might be blonde but she's not down there
So take a number
And don't forget to bring a rubber

Take your time take your chance
Just unzip and drop your pants
Take your time take your chance
But don't expect romance

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