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Road Rage

This song is by Skasmopolitan and appears on the album They're Only Shoes (2000).

It's my disposition, that we can all be friends
When we're on the highway, we can all win
But when I crossed into your lane,
You went off, you went insane.
Shook your fist and called me a bitch,
And tried to run me in a ditch.

Did I ruin your day, when I got in your way?
Do you have other issues? What makes you act this way?
Road Rage, Road Rage, like a lion in a cage.
Have a nice day.
I'll try and stay away from you.

Now you missed your exit, all because of me.
I don't think you'll make it, to where you have to be.
If you wouldn't have left so late, you wouldn't have to rush.
Save the ozone and heartbreak, next time take the bus.

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