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This song is by Skasmopolitan and appears on the album They're Only Shoes (2000).

You sit at home and watch TV play computer for a while
So much to do responsibilties why do you act like a child

22 nothing to do, but sit at home and watch time fly by
You've got no life and you're losing your friends, why do I even try

You're a loser, oh yeah, can't do anything for yourself
You're a loser, oh yeah, why do I even waste my breath on you

You got baggy pants red baseball cap Mossimo on your shirt
You got dirty drawers from where you sat
Your momma should buy you some pert plus

You're all alone all by yourself your computer your only friend
Everyone bailed left you alone you started your own trend

I'm not the only one that feels this way
Everyone else has the same thing to say
You dumped your girl and all your friends
Think you're better off in the end
I'll leave you alone with your pathetic life
Maybe I'll give you a second try
Invite you down to our kick ass show
I don't think so

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