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Cops (Don't Quit)

This song is by Skasmopolitan and appears on the album They're Only Shoes (2000).

Driving down the road with a cop on my tail
Red and blue lights they never fail
Can't get caught 'cause I just skipped bail
So I drop it in to second and I start to sail

Never leave me alone, never give me a break
It's always the same old shit
I'll never stop running and I won't slow down
Cause the cops don't quit

Lost 'em in first now everything's fine
I turn on the radio it starts to wine
Skasmopolitan with a phat bass line
So I kick it into fifth to make up time

Two warrants out for my FTA
My PO called try to make me pay
I called him back and I said "No way"
And I keep running each and every day

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