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Alternative Song

This song is by Skasmopolitan and appears on the album They're Only Shoes (2000).

Nobody told me and I could be wrong
This sounds like every alternative song
I still blame radio and MTV
All this shit sounds the same to me

I'm just not fucked up in the head
I said 'no' to smack like Nancy said
I live in the nineties but I can't see
Why this shit should appeal to me

Dirty flannels and four chord songs
Grab your guitar and you can play along
Background music for smoking your bong
This sounds like an alternative song

Oasis better than the Beatles fuck that
Some of the band must be smoking crack
Every damn song in the same damn key
The zeitgiest must be lost on me

We're here to carve our own niche
That's right don't worry about it
You won't find us on any other boat
In a world of compromise some don't

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