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I Won't Change

This song is by Skarhead and appears on the album Kings At Crime (1998).

Can't stand that I won't leave, how did this come to be, you can't get rid of me because we run this scene. Who are you? Who are you? 'Cause I know what I'll do. Who are you? To think that I'll bow to you.

And I won't change because of what they say. I choose to live my life this way and I won't change no matter what they think I choose to live my life my choice my game.

And I'm tired of your face, the one you love to hate, all I want, money, fame, that's how I play this game. Live, my life, day by day. Grill's busted, that's o.k. there's only one thing to do. My brothers D.M.S. Crew

I'm talking to you, it doesn't matter what I do I've got nothing to prove, and if you challenge you will lose. You're going to lose. Try to stop me, you're a joke. Want me to leave but I won't go. Got the facts, in your face, step into this hardcore graze. Boots a d braces busted faces dirty deed done dirt cheep. We're the ones on the attack. Old school, coming back

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