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We Are Night

This song is by Skanners and appears on the album Pictures Of War (1988).

I feel all right
The engine's howling wild
The temper's high
And the air is burning tonight

I feel all right
My chest is glowing steel
My brain is light
Who can hurt a body like mine

Come on with me
We're ready for a ride up to the skies
So fasten now your seat belts tight
Come on with me
I'm gonna show you how my engine flies
We're gonna be the stars tonight

We feel all right
The darkness doesn't give us
A kind of fright
'Cause we're a part of the night

We are the night
We're turning all the values upside down
Every sight we change, every sound

The day-light may say we are sinister
The darkness is making us bright
We are night...

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