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20 Nothing

This song is by Skankin' Pickle.

I can't even think about the proletariat revolution
Till after noon or 1 o'clock
I've gotta watch TV, eat some lunch and lay around
Then peel myself up off the couch
My friends are all unemployed, but they still say I'm lazy
Can't even get lost on my own
I have seen this Lost in Space at least 300 times before
And now I can't even reach the fuckin' telephone
CH: Go slow, 'cause I get vertigo
What's le0@ve?
Every chEp I've made
I've chosen not to choose.
If you need some help, I'll show you how to lose
I guess eventually I may get sick of doing nothing
But then I could get used to it
I could be an unadulterated pop culture experiment
Then maybe somebody will finally give a shit!

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