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​Tell Me Your Story

This song is by Skamp and appears on the album Deadly (2005).

Tell me your story, I'll tell you mine,
Sit down beside me, Let's pass the time,
Talkin'of the nothing and everything we have,
We got lots in common, everybody has,
Tales from our past, all that drives us mad,
Dreams for the future, hopes we once had,
Sorrow, joy and regrets, What you plan on doing next?
What you haven't done quite yet,
N' memories we'll never forget
We ain't always as we seem
You don't know the places I've been
You ain't seen the things I've seen
They'd keep you from your sleep
Tell me your story n' I'll tell you mine,
Pass me the bottle, I'll pour the wine,
Talkin' of the old times,
Dreamin' of a new life,
We all know what that's like
'Cause we all feel the same inside