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This song is by Skamp and appears on the album Deadly (2005).

Tu turi drąsos kalbėt apie mane
Man už nugaros aš žinau tave,
Prisidengęs ranka burną ironija veide,
Po savęs palieki purvą visame mieste.
Tu tas kuris bijo pažvelgt į kas,
Tas kuris tiesos niekados nesakys,
Tas kuris lauks kol kitas suklys,
O tada liežuvis savo darbą padarys.
You make me smile with your
Airs and graces n' how you
Pretend to be what you are not,
You know I see thru you,
N' I know it makes you scared,
Whisper words about me,
But to my face you wouldn't dare.
I know you've been talking about me
Tryin to 'divide & conquer'
Turn around n act so cute well just
Keep on talkin' coz that's all you'll ever do.
I can read you just like a picture book
N'it seems you're not as lovely as you look,
I've met your kind before so very self-aware,
Upset I'm unimpressed, you're not a threat
N' I don't care.
You give the impression you're havin fun
When it's all an act staged for someone
You're hungry for attention but careful
Not to show, you might have some folks fooled
But soon enough yeah they'll know

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