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Please Believe

This song is by Sixwire and appears on the album Sixwire (2002).

The road to love is long and winding
It's hard to know which path to take
When you're constantly reminded
Of all the times your heart would break
The odds are low of ever finding
Someone who'll go with you all the way

I know you can sense the danger
Waiting there at every turn
We both know sooner than later
We'll reach the point of no return
Baby, let me be your savior
I promise you can take me at my word

Please believe your heart is safe with me
You never have to doubt the way I feel
Please have faith
Baby what else can I say
I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please, please believe

Now I know my search is over
It's all out of my control
I know my destiny's been chosen
You are written in my soul
All the fears that you've been holdin'
Don't you think it's time to let them go

This may be our only chance
So baby if you can just...

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