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Uncharted Territory

This song is by Sixth Year Senior.

It seems like when I look in the mirror I don't know who I am anymore, And that the person that I once knew has sailed off to a distant shore, I'm still here but nothing really is the same
It's not too nice to meet you, what's your name?

I reach deep inside to find myself and ask the reason, Of why my heart feels like it's so cold in a winter season
And life's dependent on the choices that we make, But right now id like to give it another take

What's the point of trying when everyone gets the wrong impression about me and?
What's the point of lying to myself about the person that I want to be

This new territory is so hard for me to figure, And the plot seems like it comes from a bad motion picture
All my friends around me don't know who I am, I guess I'll wake up tomorrow and try again

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