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Falling Asleep At The Wheel

This song is by Sixfinger.

You have to understand that I put my faith in you
I don't believe in much of anything, but I believed in you
And for you to sell yourself out, sort of feels like you're selling me out, too
Sometimes you have so many faces, I can't begin to tell you apart
Who will slay the seven headed hydra, and return the maiden to her throne? It's a task too dangerous even for me, the self-appointed avenger of saving those who don't want to be saved
So don't wait up for me, I won't wait up for you
It's hard to be everything you wanted, when you've always got someone breathing down your neck
Sometimes it's tough to keep straight what's what you want and what you feel like you should be
I'd understand, but I'm a man of many hard feelings
The only thing I know better than a grudge is the warm sting of a slap in the face
So enjoy the warm bed, with your warm new buffer of comfort, whoever that may be
Slow down, open your eyes
You're losing track of your speed
The stretches ahead don't have the guard rails that you're used to

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