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Only The Sun Kows

This song is by Six Organs of Admittance.

If I cared about anything I might worry, I might try, I might hurry, I might cry.
If I saw it easy, I would be you, and we would be two, to pass within all they choose.
But with nothing I had to start my life, I tear the stars, I eat their light, transform shadows into what is right.
Only the sun knows where we are.
And if you find yourself traveling under heaven, under stars, just take this knife and tear it apart.
But nothing is living that isn't already dead, fold your hands and hold your head. listen closely to what's been said about the change in your heart.
You knew it would come, you knew one day, now rest your body and pray for it to stay.
Only the sun knows where we are...
Now that your world is frozen we'll cut yourself, cut your ties, free yourself from a world of lies. Your town has become a cage where nothing can live, nothing can breathe, so burn your homes, now its time to leave.
And if you wish to find us someday it's not so hard, we're just a breathe away. we gather in warmth, and you're welcome to stay.
Only the sun knows where we are.

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