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This song is by Six Feet Deep.

Mankind, from the beginning of time has strived
And tried for success, but never satisfied.
Always reaching, never ceasing to
Crush another man to gain the upper hand.
The seed of greed grows deep in your mindset,
Disease that feeds on the 'needs' of the flesh.
You try to less the consequences of idolatry,
You fail to heed God's decree.

Nemesis, this is the end of
Innocence, you can't hide these
Force feed violence, force feed lies,
But deny the children the bread of life.
I've seen you tear a family limb from limb with a grin,
Fill a boy's heart with malice and sin,
Then feed on his pain for a lifetime,
And twist and turn the truth with lies in his mind.
You pose the questions of life,
The answers you have, but you hide.
You burned my bridges,
But God hears His children's cry.
Bane the minds of children.
Gain their trust to kill them.
Burn their bridge to freedom.
You think God won't hear them?
Nemesis, this is the end of
Innocence, can't hide these

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