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Stand By Me

This song is by Sister Rosetta Tharpe and appears on the compilation album The Original Soul Sister (2002).

When I'm crossing Jordan river, stand by me
She's a breast, to be my pillow, stand by me
Now the water is chilly and cold, the love of Jesus is in my soul
Like a flash, thunder rolls, stand by me

Through hard tries and tribulations, stand by me
The midst of (Incomprehensible) stand by me
When trouble like a gloomy cloud, gathers thick and thunder loud
Now who never knows the battle, stand by me

When the devil tries to take me, stand by me
And my carefully (Incomprehensible) , stand by me
And I'm travelling through the flame, trying to do the best that I can
Although my friends misunderstand, stand by me

In travelling through this world of troubles, stand by me
When we must close our books and bibles, stand by me
Now we come in down to die, Jesus take me home on High
Just to reign with you across the sky, stand by me

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