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This song is by Sister Machine Gun and appears on the album The Torture Technique (1994) and on the single Wired / Lung (1994).

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I know you're going nowhere
But I'll follow where you lead
It's a good thing you got nothing
'Cause it's nothing that I need
Don't know why I bother
When I know, when I know what I will find
I think I'm going crazy
But it's only in my mind, it's in my mind

Do I, do I know I can be
One soul, one body, one mind
Flesh to flesh is me
And I leave all the rest behind
Infuse my body, I'll be one body, one Christ divine
One drug is left to me
And I'm wired in the vein of God

I know I'm in denial
But it happens all the time
Running with the devil
Never used to be a crime
I don't want your sympathy
You never were, you never were too kind
I'd like to think I used you
But I know that it was only in my mind

Denial never took the blame of where I am today
Besides dragging me to the point where ignorance will lead the way
Heaven is an empty dream, hell is in my brain
'Cause I'm too busy finding out the dues I have to pay

(Italicized lyrics in Silicon Satan version only.)

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