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Too Many Times

This song is by Sister2Sister and appears on the album One (2000).

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Melting me with that look in your eyes
Got that feeling, it's blowing my mind
I'm trying hard not to fall too fast
The thing we've got, is it gonna last?
Too many times, that I've fallen in love
Too many times, that I've fallen apart
When will I find it, just once
Could this be the real thing?
When we're together and you hold me tight

This thing we've got, it feels so right
I can't believe this is happening to me
Is it a dream... or reality?
It's driving me crazy, I can't take more of this confusion
I feel it inside me
Tell me how you feel, baby is this real... or an illusion?
Too many times...
All of my life I've been searching for someone like you
I know I'm afraid of these feelings
It's just that I've been hurt too many times

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