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Need I Say More

This song is by Sissel and appears on the album Gift Of Love (1992).


Want me to tell you
About all the love that is in my heart
How can I tell you
I wouldn't even know where to start

There are no words that can describe
The way you make me feel inside
Forever yours
Need I Say More

Who needs the moonlight
All of the stars shining in the sky
They can't compare to
All of the love shining in your eyes

Oh, there could never be
Anyone else for me
Forever yours
Need I Say More

I'll be there for you, come rain or shine
Until this crazy world just runs out of time
So don't you ever doubt it
I couldn't live without you
One single day of my life

Don't you know
There's nothing left to understand
Dim out the lights and take my hand
Need I say more

Need I say more

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