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Wolves of Wall Street

This song is by Sirus and appears on the album Broken Hearts Corporate Minds (2013).

Just like the stars
We're burning out
Beacons drifting
Beneath grey clouds
A carnival of souls
Seek absolution
A land once young
Now fed on ruin

Zealots and fiends
Mindless routines
This happiness we synthesize
A conduit for all the lies
Center of entropy
Building vile entities
Follow blindly, their regime
Endless cycle, no release

We are crazed
Blind, torn and burnt
But we are violent
A message to be heard
And when the wolves,
The wolves of wall street
Are running, running on empty
We'll fight back
With the fires of hell
Be sure, we will rebel

Vengeance and pride
Powers collide
Our coalitions rampage
A brand new judas center-stage
Criminal activity
Crowd control and tear gas
Bottled smoke to move the masses
I say, you say, lets play dead

Push us, we will push back
And bruise us, we won't hold back
Because to much power is never enough
The dollar bill is stained with blood
And those who stray will surely find
A carousel of punctured minds

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