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This song is by Sirus and appears on the album Satellite Empire (2015).

This is the final chapter
We've come to stem supply
Broadcast what you would censor
Display the blatant lies
We'll crush what you would stand for
Release what you would hide
We are the conjoint answer
We are the hive

So lock your doors
And we're break them down
Hide your flaws
And we'll seek them out
Faceless faces in a crowd
We will strike you down
Block your lines
And we'll burrow in
Hide the truth
And we'll flaunt your sins
A battlecry, for the here and now
We will strike you down

Denial of service
Deceiver of purpose
The surface is scratched
And the lines are blurred
Infecting the network
In corners, as they lurk
Behind the guise
Of the mindless herd

Lives under watchful eyes

Jagged horizons
Fate waits with a severed tongue
Punctured skylines
Dark stars and an onyx sun

Focus, concentrate
Feel where they will strike next
Let them all play worker bees
For the queen that lies in rest
Tighten the strings on the marionette
There's power if they want it
Just make sure its near the nest

Targets to rubble
Questions remain unanswered
Forcing salt into bleeding wounds
And where you hide
We will find you
No remorse from the unthinking womb
And are you happy
Is it all you wanted
To scorch away all that the harvest yields
And are you happy
A king of nothing
But empires of empty fields

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