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Sidereal Mirror

This song is by Sirius and appears on the album Aeons Of Magick (2000).

The hand of oblivion stretches at me. What worlds lie beyond the abyss?Whither dost thy stare take me for so long?
Hither do we not belong... Alas, they forsaken energy springs into radial reflections which in me reassemble whole of essence for which my soul thirsts... My sidereal mirror from where the stars arose.
Yet far can I sense thy hand, such is the power of your presence! Whose voice, this of the leading silence?And what face portrayeth behind the veil? Whence dost it call? Thy bewildering song? Such beauty, dost not hither belong...
Once I gazed at thee, in the river of hope... But this, the reflection of thy thoughts in mine, was but the flow of the waters, of despair.

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