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Womb Dreams From The Ether

This song is by Sirens Sister.

In dreams I fly over hill and hedge a fly on the razors edge
The net dragging the lake
Will you take it for what it's worth scream as you fell to the earth
Fork tongued and kissing the snake
It seems like it's all a bad dream I drink till I can't stand
Heaven help me I fear I'm losing my mind please don't you walk away
Your eyes deceive you your heart in motion tonight
And I just want you to stay
Croon you caw like a raven love and you cry like a wounded dove
Inside brittle and bruised
Your youth a rose on a moonlit grave savior who can't be saved
Washed up useless and used
Every night stars spell out her name
Every night I hang my head in shame
You lift me up higher than the sun
Then let me fall like everyone

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