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Kissing Her

This song is by Sirens Sister.

I count the faces in the sand 1, 2, 3
She got her eyes of shattered glass they cut right through me
Like a glowing amber brush fire quivers in the mist
Can't wash away the taste of every dirty boy you've kissed
Say uh oh but you know it's all right
Goodbye love
She leave me high and dry lost downtown
But every time I sing like this she come back around
Then leave me running like a mad man sick from my disease
Praying like a saint she gonna get her hooks in me
Say uh oh uh oh uh oh but you know it's all right
Where were you where were you when it all came down again
Here she come here she come she really move me baby
Here she come here she come
Carve your name into my wrist and I'll tell you why
I've got a reason to exist and a reason to die
Goodbye love

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