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This song is by Sirens Sister.

The heart is an ocean a deep blue sea
Words like a river they flow through me
In a chorus of angels a clutch of snakes
A dead end desire where my heart aches
I turn the engine off the desert feels as empty as my heart
And cold as steel
It echoes in the night the voices make me wish I couldn't feel
Hideaway from everyone if you hideaway I'll run
To catch you
Search for something sacred in the prime of my decay
If heaven is for real I wish you'd send me on my way
Cause life it holds no mystery without you by my side
Careless sighs watch them turn into goodbyes
As soft as a whisper and close to me
I'm blinded by reason and jealousy
Will you follow the footsteps that carry you home
To a note on the dresser says you're all alone on your own
I turn this car around a part of me must heed the sirens call
So carelessly
To a stranger in my bed she turns her head and cries herself to sleep
My only love my only love she's gone gone away
My only love

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