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House Of Pain (R.I.P. Sir Dyno)

This song is by Sir Dyno and appears on the album What Have I Become? (2000).

I think it was a Friday on a cold moonless night
Little did I know that for my life I would fight
It seemed like any other day as I creased up my khakis
Starched up my paño and pulled out my new Nike's
I called my hina tonight I'm gonna be with the homies
"Please don't go" is what she told me
I don't wanna hear that don't even trip
You know I'm the craziest and I never slip
So I walked out the door to meet my carnales
Vatos that I trust for doing jale's in the calles
Loaded the cuete as I concealed it under the seat
Always on my toes in case the enemies creep
Then I heard the cracks of a pistol as I bled
I felt pain on my side and my shirt was painted red
I felt my life leave as my homies panicked
Looking down at me yelling for me just to fight it

In the house of pain
I try to knock and nobody hears me
(Nobody hears me)

Paramedics all around me So I asked for their help
They didn't seem to hear me it's like nothing I ever felt
They yelled for everyone to get back as they shocked me
My body jumped as I laid on the concrete
I could hear my homies screaming for revenge
But now I feel so alone no matter if I got a million friends
They can't help I want to scream out loud
But no matter how hard I try no sound comes out
Where you taking me as they put a sheet over my face
Don't leave me overnight in this horrible place
I wanna go home Oh god, My mom
My dad, my bro's, my daughters and my son
How will they take it let me out, please they need me
Don't let my family see me
I can't handle this hurt it's ripping me inside
All just because I had to ride with too much pride

In the house of pain
I try to knock and nobody hears me
(Nobody hears me)

The next day my father came to see me
I saw the pain in his eyes as he looked at me
Dad, I'm here I'm sorry for the way I died
He just looked up and began to cry
And then he left "Please don't go"
It's like a dream where everything moves slow
Now I'm in a coffin as my family walks to see me
I can't do this I cry for someone to free me
My homies come up and whisper that they got revenge
They tell my family that they lost a true friend
My mom cries up to god as she holds my hand
Shaking her head like she don't understand
As they lower me in the dirt my kids scream with tears
Not seeing them grow up is my worst fear
I can't take it I yell, please let me out
As they put the dirt on my silent shouts

In the house of pain
I try to knock and nobody hears me
(Nobody hears me)

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