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Drone Zone

This song is by Siouxsie and appears on the album MantaRay (2007).

Day to day - Day in day out
Hum drum - drone zone
To and fro and so it goes
Hum drum - drone zone

Buzz buzzing busy bees
Consumer dreams
And mall shopping schemes
Buzz buzzing oh look at their eyes
They're mesmerized in the drone zone

Far up above - Up and away
Up in the ether of opal and grey
Biding our time at the end of a line
We're cast adrift on the doldrum shift

Buzz buzzing is far away
As we wait to be blown clear away
Buzz buzzing we wait alone
To make a brake from the drone zone

Far down below - Row after row
Insect life in a healthy cancer glow
Manicured lawns - Stretch to a yawn
Hum drum - drone zone

Buzz buzzing busy bees
Buzz buzzing in the breeze
Buzz buzzing all alone
To and fro in the drone zone

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