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December Month Tragedy

This song is by Sins Upon Your Tragedy.

Why is it to me?.
While you cut yourself's hand.

Are you sure you cut the right vein.
All because this fall became to a disaster.
Sorry this scene is done, sorry no re-runs.

I feel like crying now.
Over you died now.
You cried yourself to sleep, 'cause the cuts were dee.

He gave me a blank stair, while sitting down.
I never wanted that, he did'nt heard that.
See the hand with cuts and.
He never heard that, I always regret that.

See the hand, please bite the hand.
Bite half the hand.

If he wasn't crying threw the winter.

Cut the hand and you'll see.
You'll see what I mean.

Because it was in 2004, December the 16th.
On a sad Thursday, there's no god to consider that.
He won't here for a long time.
He never got to see, his birthday.
And I'm sorry, I'm sorry you died for.

It's like yesterday.

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