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New Pain

This song is by Sins Of Lust.

Say there what is it that you see?
You've stolen a piece of me.
Given it unto your life,
Though you've lost all sight.
Your world turns to mist as you share your ignorance.
Time is just a game,
A journey of the insane.
Now that you've met the girl
Welcome to my world

Say what is it that you feel?
This pain is so surreal
I can see you with my eyes but my vision is blind
Insight of the jester's toungue
And I fall closer to the light
And I have given up my fright
I'm falling in a tunnel but I'm gaining on the stars
Heaven never seemed so near
But I fall down

Loss of words
Afraid I'll give to the other side
Here everything has lost it's worth
Here everyone gets right deserves
Here everything has lost it's mean
Given it up for the more obscene
But I fall down

Live it up when I have to live
Change my life but I turn to sin
But I have given up all that I have
Given it to the higher hand
But I fall down

Say there
What is it that you see
You've stolen a piece of me.

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