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No Truth

This song is by Sinoath and appears on the album Research (1995).

Nature of something takes you
To generate false prides inside
Never an absolute truth
Along this endless way, denied
Only a mass of dull cries
Mixed into our reality
Confused they're as one with lies

Pain and deceit...
If nothing lasts forever
Feel how uncertain it all sounds
In life through all its shades
Beyond its inexistent bounds
If the doubt overhangs
My senses just can get no truth
If you believe, your faith so strong
Got nothing to prove

No sadness in your hollow voice
'Cause life never waits for your choice
No need for all your useless wails
'Cause there's no future in your cries...

(Perhaps everything seems to be
But nothing is...
Does existence succeed existence?
No start, no end, no truth...
Perhaps no life!)

Two different essences cause
A depressive inconsistency
Our innocent condition
Always restrains our innate will
A deep sorrow leaves us alone
Entangled into all our fears
Which find their shelter into hate
Or lying tears...

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