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Nothing At All

This song is by Sinners And Saints.

I ran into an old school punk today
And I remember when I just wished he'd go away
I always knew that our paths would cross again
With me on my new way and him with no friends
Maybe he didn't see me, maybe he did
But he didn't look or maybe I hid
I shed a tear so I think of our rise and fall
I guess we got nothing at all

I walk the city streets soaking the nightlife
Isolated but it makes me feel all right
A serious look and my music close by
I look at the pretty girls and think about mine
I hear the sounds, the sounds are what hurts me
I ain't got much but it gives me a purpose
And what is time but to pass time away?
How much more lonely could I feel today?
Nothing at all, I got nothing at all

Call me crazy 'cause I wanted to settle down
Life's a lie, she's gone and she let me down
That old face and the other ones too
Are looking for answers but I swear they're confused
Maybe you're down here too
I can related but what else can I do?

Nothing at all, I got nothing at all

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