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The Furthest Place From Here

This song is by Sinking Ships and appears on the album Meridian (2005).

I hate this city
Look at what it's done to you
I fucking hate what you turned into
There's nothing left, there's nothing left of what you used to be
I can't believe it's taken so long to finally realize I've been wasting my fucking time
And you're dead inside
And I can't get back the one thing, the only thing I ever trusted in this fucking city
And I'm losing track in the blinding light of these city nights of who you used to be
It's fucking killing me to watch you turn away from everything you loved, from everyone you loved
Hiding your misery, trying to forget what you lost
Pushing back the tears in your eyes
You never said goodbye
What's left for me to hold onto when I hate this city without you
You left behind everything that meant something real to you
Because you're feeling alone
And you can't live with the pain
Trying to let go of your regrets, but your making the same mistakes
This is the city that drowned you in misery
And it washed your heart away with the rain
I've tried to let go, held my breath for the weather to change
But warmer nights never fucking came
I can't take these moments back, fought so hard to change your mind
I'm sorry, I'm sorry it wasn't enough for you
You're running away from every mistake and every promise you've ever made
You're forgetting what you loved
Never forget what you loved

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