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Roads Leading Mid-West

This song is by Sinking Ships and appears on the album Meridian (2005).

When it's over, will you remember how it felt? The first time your heart skipped a beat, pounded out of your fucking chest? Well, I'll still smile at the memories of past mistakes, and the pieces of ourselves, left behind. No I won't wait, for you to say, it was all a lie, and it's been cast aside. And the things I took for granted then, are things that I would kill to feel, one more time. But I guess you've given up on that, and I can't blame you for wanting to live your life. But I won't wait, for you to say "Those were the best of times, but they just passed us by." I'm walking over the tracks, back to where it all began and I'm tapping on your window, just to catch a glimpse of the person that I once knew

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