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Give Up

This song is by Sinking Ships and appears on the album Disconnecting (2006).

If you close your eyes
Never let it get inside
You'd still have to hide
You'd still have to fight to stay alive
Its coming out totake you
Its coming out to break your will
Its waiting every night to haunt the things you feel inside
These are the times that try our souls
No future, no hope for anything more
Where's the end, waiting to begin again
The saddest songs and the saddestlines only add up to empty lives
It's never ending
It never ends, and we can't begin again
It never ends and through our lives we still feel the same
So tie us to every love and every failure and every live
And hang us for everyone to see
Let our bodies tell the story
To the ones who never felt this way
Fuck the ones who never felt this way
Close your eyes, don't let them see all the pain and all the lies
The words you meant to say
They'll follow you to your grave
The end is never ending

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