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The Kill to Come

This song is by Sinister and appears on the album The Silent Howling (2008).

Abandoned father, Banished from the light
Guilty of treason, strict beyond the path of might
No simple words just the facts from long ago
Killing with a reason, an easy way to go
I am here, to alter what's been done
Strict forbidden conflicts, Arrogance has won
Your body next to mine... A real atrocity
Smashing through your brain
I wish mom was here to see...

The kill to come!

Combustion of your body
It sounds to me okay
Surviving of the fittest
Trapped in dirt some kind of way
When the blood starts running deep
Pure mayhem the result

Love to see your body...
You body growing cold
Disposing of your remains is now what needs to be done
Did not know that killing you could rather be this fun
And in the end of this I never felt so brave
I think I will be here next week...
Pissing on your grave

Values of the absurd
Marked inside this world
When all just fades away
Morality will cast away

The kill to come!

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