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Things I Never Did Say

This song is by Singled Out.

Can I deal with this tomorrow
Will I still feel the sorrow
That you've instilled in my heart
Did I play the part
Just as you asked me to
Can we see this through
Can we make this work another time
Do you like the way I make things rhyme
'Cause that's what I'm here for
To show how much of your time I can waste
So are you willing to let me replay
All those things that never could be

I remember you whispering in my ear
About how much things have changed
I see now that you were right
But what can I do to change things now?
Have I let it go for too long
Was I too busy denying that I wasn't wrong

I focused on the wrong things
I pretended that things were ok
And now I'm paying for the things I never said
For the things I never did say

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