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Something You'll Never Need

This song is by Singled Out.

I'll be the one you'll never need
You can count on me
All that I ask from you
Is that you sit there
With your eyes focused on me
'Cause I want you to see
Everything that I can't be
And I want you to understand
That when I walk away from you tonight
I don't plan on returning again

You taught me a lot
But you never prepared me for something like this
I feel that you built me up
Just so that you can tear me down
I always thought there was something more
Than what it came down to
But you proved that I meant nothing to you
And that's something I'll never forget

I'll never live up to be
Someone that will fulfill your needs
You indicated that to me
Even though you never said it verbally
I caught on through your expressions
They showed me everything I wanted to see
And now I see just exactly where I stand

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