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Showed Me

This song is by Singled Out.

Did you ever think about it
I know I did more than I should've
And in the end it proves nothing
'Cause it all ends the way you wanted it to
I've never heard your voice this strong
It proves to me that I was wrong
So what should I say
'Cause I'm sure you'll prove me wrong anyway

You showed a lot to me
You showed me your true colors
You showed me how fucked up things could be
You showed me things I wish I never knew
But I can't undo
All those positions you put me through
I feel as if you could do better than me
And you've shown how easily
You were able to walk all over me

I once saw you as the most beautiful thing
That the world has ever created
But all these visions are from a drunken state
Which shows how much I dedicate
My life to fucking up the things you seek
Does this compell you?
Do you now see things differently?
'Cause I remember all the things you said
Even though they mean nothing now
They still hold a place in my heart
Where all bad memories dwell

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