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Feed The Flame Of Ignorance

This song is by Singled Out.

Will I ever be normal in your eyes
Can I go a day, just one day
Without hearing the criticism of the world
I can't be the picture perfect image
So I guess I'll settle for second best
You push and shove me
And I can only take so much
I've got a lot of patience
But all my patience is spent
When you intentionally try to change me
Into something that you see as right

I can't live up to your standards
So, why do you try and force them on me
I won't comply, and I refuse to agree
To something that takes away my rights
I won't stay, and let you walk all over me

Someday... maybe you'll wake up
And realize what you've done
You can only walk in line for so long
Until you see the faults
In where you belong
Not everyone has to be a follower
And I refuse to follow blindly

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