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Down The Road

This song is by Singled Out.

Things can't end like this
I can't yet dismiss
These feelings I have for you
I'm feeling that if you leave
So will my whole world with you
And sometimes I cry myself to sleep
And those words you said repeat
In my head
I can't let go of what you said
'Cause it's all true

Maybe down the road we'll see
That things could've been different
Different between you and me
But right now things are so out of joint
That there's no point
In me trying to win you back
'Cause you don't feel the same way

You're drowning out all possibility
And it seems like you don't even care
That it hurts me so much
And tears my heart apart
To see things end like this
Can't we work it out
And make some hope of this
I'm sure it isn't as hard as it seems

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