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Breaking Down

This song is by Singled Out.

A lot of things have changed
Since the last time we have talked
My eyes are no longer shut
I see you for what you really are
It's something I didn't want to admit
Becuz I liked you too much to quit
But I'm left with no choice here
Becuz the days don't get any easier
With this weight on my shoulders
There's no easy way out of this
I just can't forget about it
Becuz it's done it's damage
So now I feel it's time...

To tell you that I'm through with you
There's no more looking back
I can't reflect on things that fell apart
And they fell apart becuz of you
Which leaves me with no choice but to
Leave you and hope that time heals the pain
'Cause I'm finished playing this game
Where I always lose

A lot of things have been said
And I've been sorting them out in my head
Happiness isn't found through people
Who intentionally try to break you down
I'm breaking down...

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