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Comm. Jet (Creepy Kid Remix)

This song is by Single Frame.

A broken down TV set,
And a cable that won't work,
And I am a jerk,
With an northstar gun,
Well you and I could have fun,
Just the two of us can play,
Another day late it's been vinyl,
From tip to top and,
Just waiting for something to happen,
A case in learning,
From the shores of a color jet.
Well you haven't seen anything yet.
No, you haven't seen ...
That's not life.
Can't you feel it,
Slowly draining out of you.
Draining the seconds away.
Day by day...
Can't anyone say.
Tech has gone way to far.
And realize that we're locked in a jar.
Without an outside world.
Well, what is life?
If it's not,
Cybercom communication jet.
Well wait,
I haven't got my facts yet,
And a, well,
The telephone it just went out.
And so I'm all alone.
My pagers gone.
And... there's no batteries.
There's no mows to lawn...
There's no mows to lawn...
Well we're nothing without it.
A keyboard, an alarm clock, and crackerjack box.
Maybe a trumpet or distortion pedal that's orange not white.
So get up from your desk and join the rest.
Eletrically tape 4 inches from you and dark.

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