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Make Love

This song is by Singer Boy.

Damn, Yo body lookin' so so so right girl,
And tonight I'm might have to slide up in you again,
Get up in you again, lick up on you again' listen up uh

Baby, oh yo body sittin' right it's just the way I like
Girl you ain't gotta be in love, (girl just call my name)
Just hit a nigga on the phone, and babygirl I won't take long
To get you where You need to be, cause babygirl you should
Be with me, So sexy with that body, I love the way you
Ride it, oh babygirl oh shawty, come on and put it on me

Can I take you to a place where there's nobody around.get on top
And we can do it wild, 'cause I wanna make love (I wanna make), 'cause I wanna make love
(I wanna make)

Is there any more room in those jeans for me, can I rip off that shirt, can I sex you
Slowly, girl would you like that, or do you like that, let me know if we can get it on yeah,
Tell me girl we can get it on... Slowly and baby you'll be gettin' one with me, so sexy
With that body, I love the way you ride it, oh babygirl oh shawty come girl and
Give it to me

(Chorus: Fade To End)

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