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Life At 24 Frames Per Second

This song is by Sinclaire and appears on the album Attention Teenage Girls (2000).

With your cheek against mine
And with you here, by my side
I know I couldn't
Couldn't fabricate this if I tried.
And being happy
Is the only drama I need
To feel real.

The closer you move towards me
The more I sense the comfort in your words
Sometimes I sware
I could feel you in me.
I don't want to understate
I couldn't recreate this embrace.

I know you understand
How hearts still ache.

So put your ear up against my heart.
Could moving pictures recreate this
Or what we say or what we mean by it
Or could you?

I've seen you before,
But not with my eyes open.

And I think it's about time i
Unleashed my fears and my desire
To you.
'Cause what I say and what I do
It's only trying to reach for
The happy ending I want.

(written by ian murray)

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