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Apathetic Urge

This song is by Sinch and appears on the album The Strychnine (1996).

Take away my halos
Take away my emotions
Take away my devils
All my pride and devotion
Take away my silence
Feel my pain as it crawls out from under this voice that I have strained
Retaliate with violence as my body grows numb
To these fears I've created
Now here it comes again

I cannot believe the pain
As it rips me from what's sane
I can't deal with my own thoughts
Yet I don't know what is wrong
All these things that I have learned build an unsatisfying urge
To take back what I have done
And all my life I've just been dumb

Take away my freedom
Disappointing inside
Just give me one good reason to believe in what you've designed
Now here it comes again

They won't tell you what is wrong
'Cause they're scared of your alarm
As you wake up to what's real
All these dreams cannot reveal
All their methods are the raged
They will never take the blame for this nation they've abused
And all we ask for is the truth

I would say that we are just a tool
To confuse my only rules
We comply with what we're dealt
You know we brought it on ourselves
And the apathy drains me
And it burns my soul
I gotta pull together
I gotta gain control
Well now I can't do anything
My back's against the wall
I've got an apathetic urge to destroy you all

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