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Up In Arms

This song is by Since The Flood and appears on the album Valor And Vengeance (2005).

Born into this, cast, I never asked for this
I don't belong
I never will
Searching, still I search for a reason
To belong, unaccepted amongst the rest
The way I live...
I despise all you are
Once I tried, once I cared, but now that has all changed
I reserve no pity for you, hate your kind and all that you do
I will never change my ways
I will not become your slave
I will never bow to you
I'll never see things your way
Don't want to live like you
You all make me sick
There is no light at the end of my road
No bright future; caught in a stranglehold
Was born into this; I never asked for this
Slowly slipping away, goodbye
Never will I see eye to eye with you

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