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This World Is Dead To Me

This song is by Since The Flood and appears on the album Valor And Vengeance (2005).

Can you save me from myself? Tell me why I love this pain, and why I'll self-destruct with every move I make
I'm taken to the edge
All that I loved removed from me; where I had cared, there's only suffering
This part of me
Tell me why I cannot escape from this hate
These feelings, emotions, are just a fucking waste, for from them comes nothing; I dream, then I awake
I struggle day by day; how much can one man take? I'm far too strong to break
All by myself, I'll stand alone
All by myself, I'll walk this path alone
I'll stand apart from what they are
I carry the strength to stand alone
I need no one to take me back, I realize I can't be saved
I struggle to become a better man today than I was yesterday, but something's in the way
Watched my life slip away; consumed by memories
Surrounded by weakness, I watch you all decay
This world is fucking dead to me, and I've become your enemy
Dead to me